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PUMA - controls, monitors and records data from a MIDS TerminalTest analysis tool

Leidos has created PUMA as a real-time software capability to control, monitor and record data from a MIDS Low Volume Terminal (LVT) for post test analysis.

PUMA was developed for the Typhoon (Eurofighter) MIDS/Link 16 programme, where it is now fully employed on the integration contractor's platform test rig. However, PUMA is independent of the host platform and will work with any MIDS LVT.

PUMA is a Microsoft Windows based software application designed to be hosted on a laptop PC for easy portability, although it may be installed on any PC type.

MIDS LVT data (ongoing and initialisation) recorded by PUMA is compatible with other Leidos products, for example it may easily be imported into MANDRIL, the Message Analysis and Data Reduction for the Integration of Links tool, for detailed and intuitive analysis purposes.

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